Best Sleeping Cap for Dreadlocks – Buyer’s Guide

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Introduction – Sleeping Caps

Although dreadlocks are strong and natural, they do require protection. While you sleep, your dreads are subject to damage caused by friction, and they can collect bits of lint from your bedding. Also, the cotton on your pillowcase can absorb moisture from your dreads, leaving them dry and brittle over time. A sleeping cap is an excellent way to protect your locs from all of these concerns.

Here are 10 of the best we found online.

1) Floverish – Dreadlock Sleeping Caps, Women Men Spandex Night Sleep Hat Hair Bonnet for Braids

The Floverish loc sleeping cap is ideal for sleeping in dreadlocks. The cap has plenty of room and is made of a stretchable blend of polyester and spandex. This blend creates a smooth, tightly knit fabric, that is durable and attractive. It will protect your locs, while maintaining hydration in your hair, and the smoothness of the fabric will avoid snags and pulls.

These caps are lightweight and soft, with a comfortable band to secure it to your head while you sleep. They are available in black and wine red, and the price is $14.99.

Floverish sleep cap

2) Awefeel – Double-Layer Satin Sleeping Cap for Long Hair, Braids, Dreadlocks, Curly Hair

Awefeel satin sleep cap

These jumbo satin sleep caps are specially designed for long hair and come with one scrunchy. Awefeel sleep caps are available in two lengths.

One is a shorter satin bonnet that measures 19 inches long for shoulder-length hair. The other length is longer, at 27 inches for locs that r 2 Awefeel each as far down as the mid-back or longer.

The smooth, silky finish of the fabric ensures that the hair is not snagged or rubbed in any way. And the double layer will lock in moisture, and be able to keep your head warm on cool nights and cool on warm nights.

There is a soft elastic band that will hold the cap securely through the night. The price range for these sleeping caps are $16.99 – $18.99.

This unisex spandex sleeping cap should cover most lengths of dreadlocks. This cap is made of 4-way ultra-stretch fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear. It allows your dreads to flow naturally, without the friction of the pillow-case. It stays in place throughout the night, despite your movement.

It is available in black, and measures 9 inches x 15 inches. The price for this cap is $6.99.

King. J dreadlock sleep cap

4) Stay on Satin Pocket Bonnet | Dreads Sleeping Cap

Stay on satin cap

This Stay-On satin pocket bonnet, made of a high-quality fabric, will stay on all night. There is no elastic, no velcro, and the two-sided fabric will prevent friction, to protect your locs.

The cap is soft on the inside, so it won’t slip. It’s also satiny smooth on the outside, so it slides against your pillow. The price is $7.13.

This seamless cotton dreadlock tube is perfect for longer locs. The spandex is breathable, lightweight and wrinkle-free. The size is approximately 19 inches x 9 ½ inches (flat) and will hold most lengths of locs.

This cap is unisex and the price is $4.95.

King.J dreadlocks tube

6) Tale King Extra Large Bonnet Sleep Night Cap for Long Braids | Elastic Wide Band Satin Locs Sleeping Cap & Hat for Natural Curly Hair

Tale King dreadlocks sleeping cap

This attractive, extra-large sleep bonnet, has all the space you need for varying lengths of locs. Made with top grade 100% polyester, this bonnet is soft, lightweight, and breathable.

The wide, comfortable band will keep the bonnet on your head all night.

This bonnet may be hand washed or machine washed, with light detergent, on a delicate setting. Air drying is recommended. The price is $12.78 per sleeping cap.

7) Olivia Sylx – Satin Lined Sleep Cap – Silk Feel Sleeping Bonnet/Hair Wrap for Women | Natural Curly Hair Head Cover & Night Slap Caps

This stylish cap is satin-lined and silky-feeling. The satin inside, allows your dreads to move comfortably, without friction. The outside is made of a poly/spandex blend that gives it a snug fit without feeling too tight. It’s perfect for sleeping in or even wearing all day around the house.

The satin lining will lock in moisture. The price is $9.95.

Olivia Sylx locs sleep cap

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8) Alnorm Satin Lined Sleep Cap Slouchy Slap Hat | Soft Elastic Band, Stay All Night

Alnorm sleep cap

This stylish sleeping cap could easily be worn outside during your daily activities, as well as to bed. It has a slouch design and is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The soft elastic band will keep it on your head all night. It is ultra-thin and stretchy soft, helping it to fit different head sizes.

This cap is made of satin lining, is ideal for sensitive scalps, and it locks in moisture for the benefit of your locs.

The solid-colored caps are made of 95% viscose and 5% spandex. The fashionably printed caps are made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex. These fabric blends give the caps a soft elasticity, which causes them to fit snugly, and makes them very comfortable to wear. The price is $14.99.
The Ms. Remi Deluxe Extra Jumbo Day and Night Cap is a classic sleep bonnet. It can hold a lot of hair, but might not cover very long dreads. Unlike some of the other sleep caps, this design is good for holding updos.

It is double lined, for extra comfort. The price is $5.45.

Ms. Remi Deluxe Sleeping Cap

10) Fairy Black Mother Satin Bonnet Sleeping Cap, All Hair Types, Locs & Natural Hair

Fairy Black Mother sleeping cap

The Fairy Black Mother Satin Bonnet comes in 3 sizes-small, medium, and large. This cap is lightweight, soft, and silky for plenty of air flow for your hair and scalp. It will protect your hair and your hairline. This cap will retain the moisture in your hair and is safe for sensitive skin.

This sleeping cap is a high-end product, made with 90% polyamide satin knit (which comes from Italy) and 10% lycra. This combination makes the cap smooth and durable.

The band of this cap is soft, light, and airy. It will comfortably stretch to fit the size of your head. The maker says you can even use it to give yourself a hair treatment while on the go – without excess hair product escaping.

The small size will fit smaller heads, short to medium-length dreads, and for children. The medium size is for medium length to long dreads and for adults. The large size cap fits very long dreads. The price is $26.99.


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