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About DreadlocksPride.com

Dreadlocks Pride was born thanks to close friends. We were discussing what dreadlocks products we most enjoyed. The team is composed of cosmetic and beauty supply specialists that want to always know what’s new and best. We think that there must be others that want to know what the “best dreadlock product is” for specific needs too.

If you have come to Dreadlocks Pride asking which products are best for you, everyone on staff firmly believes you will find the site useful!

Most people go with store-bought products or ones their friends and family recommend, without doing any extra research. We get it, no-one has the time to study product ingredients or read hundreds of reviews.

Our discussions about the best dreadlocks locking gel led us to a beauty supply store. We analyzed over ten different gels. Some loc gels did the job, some were plain awful. Some were relatively cheap, while others were way overpriced. After days of expert analysis, our team decided to create our own loc gel and the idea gave way to this website also.

The Pride

The idea for DreadlocksPride.com is to provide honest information and thoughtful info about different dreadlocks products. We have compiled this data and info in the format of a “Top 10” list.

We welcome everyone to join our pride and help solidify our website as the only destination for people to find the best products to suit their needs. Whether its the best dreadlock butter, loc gel, or growth oil, you can find completely unbiased reviews here on Dreadlocks Pride.

We welcome you to our site and hope it helps you and your hair. We welcome feedback and encourage comments.

Our Team

Dreadlocks Pride is a close but expanding circle of hair care, beauty, and design experts.  We test all products thoroughly and then write reviews. Our team has grown over the past few months, and we’re excited about our future!